Whether a project is just beginning or needs a kick-start, thoughtfully engaging key stakeholders can lay a strong foundation for success. Stakeholders–people or organizations with key roles to play or talents to offer–often must buy-in to a project before it can even get off the ground. Without engaged stakeholders, projects can stagnate. With them, projects can soar!

Bluestem Communications can help your organization or coalition engage the necessary stakeholders for your project to succeed, no matter what project phase you’re in. We can:

  • help you identify key stakeholders
  • reach out to possible stakeholders with targeted messages designed to motivate them to be involved
  • develop a stakeholder engagement strategy and timeline, with purposefully-selected activities tailored to your project’s goals and your stakeholders’ needs
  • manage outreach efforts, facilitate meetings, compile agendas and notes


Illinois North Shore Sediment Management Strategy

Lake Michigan and the shoreline represent one of the greatest economic, recreational and environmental assets of northeast Illinois. One feature of this shoreline is that it is constantly shifting and changing as sand and sediment naturally move from one place to another. The patterns of sand movement can present management challenges for beaches, harbors and off shore habitats, which are often exacerbated by unpredictable costs, permitting and extreme weather. However, these challenges are not the whole story; there are also significant opportunities to work together to develop strategies that benefit individual communities and the North Shore region.

The Alliance for the Great Lakes and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources Coastal Management Program is working with stakeholders throughout the North Shore region to develop a regional strategy to address these challenges and ensure coastal communities continue to benefit from the Lake Michigan shoreline. Bluestem began working with these two project leads to provide stakeholder engagement services as well as messaging and communications tools as the group comes together.