The Mississippi River provides drinking water to 18 million people, but its integrity is being compromised by pollution and human interference.

The Mississippi River Network is a coalition of 50 organizations dedicated to protecting the land, water and people of the Mississippi River basin. The Network and their public education campaign is managed by Bluestem Communications staff.

The Mississippi River Network hired Bluestem Communications to manage the first ever public opinion research done on the entire Mississippi River region. This research was used to develop a communications campaign for the ten Mississippi River states. The campaign, called 1 Mississippi, is designed to inspire policy-makers and engaged citizens to take action to restore and protect the Mississippi River and the Gulf. The 1 Mississippi campaign represents Bluestem Communications’ commitment to helping coalitions achieve common environmental goals.

Funds from the McKnight Foundation and the Walton Family Foundation will help the Network achieve their Land, Water and People goals in the months and years ahead. Contact us for more information on the Mississippi River Network or our coalition management and public campaign services.