One of Bluestem Communications’ greatest strengths is our ability to work with coalitions or networks of organizations that share similar goals. Bluestem Communications possesses a unique set of skills that allow us to build, work with and expand coalitions. We build consensus among groups through facilitation, data collection, mission and goal writing and brainstorming sessions.

Because there is strength in numbers, especially when communicating environmental messages, we work with coalitions and networks to develop shared message and complimentary communications strategies to maximize both individual and collective resources to reach shared goals.

We are prepared to guide and support your network or coalition in:

  • Conducting, or synthesizing existing, public opinion research to inform your targeted communications efforts.
  • Devising a communications strategy that identifies your goals and objectives and provides a roadmap for achieving them utilizing the strengths of all your members.
  • Crafting unified messages and materials that can be used by all your members.
    Providing tools and trainings to help your members adopt and adapt messages and materials for their own communications work.
  • Overseeing the implementation of the communications plan by coordinating the work of all members.

Hine’s Emerald Dragonfly Conservation

Creating a Habitat Conservation Plan for the endangered Hine’s emerald dragonfly required the collaboration of entities with dramatically diverse missions and purposes: energy and mining industries, state and federal environmental agencies, transportation departments, local municipal governments, engineering companies and a variety of other stakeholders. Initially hired by three industrial partners to create an education and outreach campaign for the project, the partners expanded Bluestem Communications’ involvement to manage the process of getting this diverse group organized and working forward to complete a technically complex and lengthy document that will help protect the biodiversity of Will County, Illinois.

To begin this work, we recruited supporting partners, land owners and managers in the area to be part of a coalition to help protect the region surrounding the dragonfly’s habitat. By having these partners in the coalition, we were not only directly protecting the habitat, but we were also protecting the water sources from the areas surrounding the habitat to increase the likelihood of recovering the species. This recruitment process involved setting up meetings with town, university and airport managers, the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service and engineers to both educate the potential partners on the species and the proposed project and show how their involvement could benefit their individual interests.

As we helped build this coalition, our work included getting the right people at the right time together with dozens of small meetings to solve individual stakeholder issues and facilitating large meetings with 30 or more representatives. Bluestem Communications came into this project four years after it began and, with internal communications, partnership building and goal setting, has been able to collect years of data, past histories and move all the players toward a final plan that will satisfy the needs of stakeholders and the needs of the threatened species.