One of the ways Bluestem Communications shares information about our work is through our newsletters and articles. Below we have listed some of our past newsletters with the contents for each. Newsletters posted prior to Fall 2013 were published under our old name, Biodiversity Project. Older newsletters are available upon request.

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June 2017

Infographic: Curbside Composting, the Trash Frontier
Map: Curbside composting programs in Illinois
Poll: Would you compost?

March 2017

Infographic: Public Perceptions of Water Quality

October 2016

Infographic: Chicago Region’s Tree Canopy Under Threat
Chicago Region Trees Initiative

September 2016

Infographic: Chicago Region’s Tree Canopy Has Room to Grow
Chicago Region Trees Initiative

July 2016

Infographic: All Aboard! Communicating Public Transportation to the Public

June 2016

Infographic: The Future of Recycling

May 2016

Infographic: Communicating “Nature-based Solutions”

April 2016

Infographic: Behavior Change at the Tip of Your Fingers

March 2016

Infographic: A Tale of Two Audiences

February 2016

Infographic: Hunting for Your Treasured Audience

January 2016

Infographic: Climate Change, a Hot Topic

November 2015

Infographic: The 1,000-Year Flood

Spring 2014

The End of Email?
Our Services in Action
10 Tips to Launch your Twitter Account Today

Winter 2014

Selling Cars—and Pulling on our Heartstrings
Recent Projects with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources
What’s New at Bluestem Communications?

Fall 2013

Biodiversity Project is now Bluestem Communications
10,000 People have Joined the Campaign to Protect America’s Greatest River
What’s New at Bluestem Communications?

Spring 2013

Getting a Distrustful Audience to Trust You
Considering the Big Question: How One Environmental Coalition is Shaking Things Up
Case Study: Creative Tools for Increasing Public Participation
What’s New at Biodiversity Project

Winter 2013

Understanding the Baby Boomer Audience
Communications Workshops: What You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know
Case Study: A River Citizen in Every State
What’s New at Biodiversity Project
Staff Profile: Rebeca Bell, Communications Director

Fall 2012

Look Into My Eyes: Choosing the Right Photos can Strengthen your Message
2011 Annual Report and Letter from Board Chair
We Need Your Help: An Illicit Discharge by any Other Name
What’s New at Biodiversity Project

Summer 2012

Reaching a Broader Audience: American Values, not Environmentalist Values
Case Study: Results! Personal Pledges Change Wasteful Behaviors
Surveying the Field: Researching Farmer Attitudes Toward the Farm Bill
What’s New at Biodiversity Project

Spring 2012

What Can We Learn from Mad Men
Case Study: Creative Campaigns – Choking Hazards
Case Study: Using Personal Pledges to Change Wasteful Behaviors
What’s New at Biodiversity Project

Winter 2012

The Art and Science of Changing Donor Behaviors
Case Study: Donations as Behavior Changes
Communications Tips: Responding to a Hostile Audience
What’s New at Biodiversity Project

Fall 2011

Turning Member Profile Date into Strategic Appeals
2010 Annual Report and Letter from Board Chair
Case Study: One Coalition Size Does Not Fit All
Supporting a Nontraditional Nonprofit