Bluestem Communications is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization, located in Chicago. Since 1995, Bluestem Communications (recently known as Biodiversity Project) has worked in regions throughout the country building creative communications campaigns to protect North America’s most precious land and water resources.

Bluestem Communications advances public awareness and understanding on select environmental issues and builds widespread commitment to addressing those issues through individual actions and policies. The organization’s primary task is to meaningfully engage people and empower them to act by making the connection between the environment, their daily lives and their basic values.

We advance environmental causes by providing other nonprofit organizations and coalitions with the tools, know-how and ability to communicate successfully, build lasting connections with people and motivate them to engage and take action. Working in collaboration with numerous regional and national organizations, Bluestem Communications helps others by:

  • creating strategic communication plans with detailed activities, messages and measurable goals for organizations and coalitions
  • building the communications capacity of other environmental nonprofits by teaching them how to be better communicators
  • managing coalitions and assisting them with defining purpose, goals, activities and creating their internal and external communications strategy
  • writing and designing education and outreach materials, which may include websites, news articles, press releases, fact sheets, ads, presentations, beer coasters, posters and door hangers

Bluestem Communications offers other groups who are working to conserve and protect our environment a unique combination of skills:

  • expertise and years of experience in communications, outreach and messaging
  • understanding of how environmental nonprofits work and their challenges and resources
  • knowledge of environmental issues and the science behind them
  • extensive experience creating and guiding coalitions

We have earned a reputation in the environmental community as a leader in the field of values-based communications and research-based message development. We use public opinion research to inform our messages that speak to widely held cultural values and prominent public concerns. We use these messages to engage targeted audiences like homeowners, municipal staff or young adults on issues through highly salient, cognitive and affective approaches.